openalea.eartrack.eartrack.side_analysis(binary_img, color_img, angle, pot_height, pot_center)[source]

Side image analysis for ear tracking

Perform the analysis of side view maize plant’s image to extract ear position :param binary_img: (numpy array of uint8) binary image :param color_img: (numpy array of uint8) color image in BGR matrix :param angle: (int) view angle of the image :param pot_height: (int) height position of the top of the pot :param pot_center: (int) width position of the center of the pot :return: positions: (np array of uint numpy array) Kept position(s) as

probable(s) ear(s), each position as [x, y, angle]
useful_images: (np array of str) ids of images corresponding to
each position
log: (string) log to write img_debug: (list of numpy array) list of output images from

different stages of calculation